Easter Bunnies

Last Sunday we celebrated Easter in Connecticut and gave thanks for beautiful weather.  Rosie rode in the back seat with Jack and Jack slept soundly the whole way, occasionally waking to stick his fingers in his mouth to feel his two new teeth.  This week has been a tiring one, complete with a routine of 4am wailing sessions regarding his poking-through pearly whites.  But Jack is sweeter than sugar (sweeter than organic honey, says our nanny).

I can't believe April is coming to a close.  Weddings, babies, bathing suits and sunshine are just around the corner.  Rose and margaritas are nearly in-season.  It's my time of year.

Wishing all of you the very best and thank you endlessly to those of you who have reached out to me over the last week.  I'm so appreciative of your support.


A Daddy and his little guy (who happens to look just like my Dad in this picture)

It was so bright out - but this was our only snapshot with Rosie in it!