A First Baby, 1953

I received the sweetest email from my cousin Louella yesterday.  She sent over this beautiful picture of my Grammy and Grandpa holding their very first (of six!) babies: my aunt (and Louella's mother), Patricia.  They make it look so easy, don't they?  And so elegant.  I doubt my Grammy was ever again photographed in a nightgown, but these are the concessions one makes when lost in the halo of first-baby love.  How is her hair so perfect though?  Our little baby, who is full term today, will be named after my Grandpa (though not exactly).  I hope our little JBZ is as handsome as JBH was.  And as sweet.  And well-loved.

Peter spent last night sweating through all of his clothes and assembling our crib.  Our nursery nook is now ready to go, almost.  As soon as the sheets were on and the books were set out on their shelf, I suddenly was ready for sleep.  It was like a switch was flipped and I could finally relax.  So that's what nesting is?  I woke up this morning fully-rested, happy, and almost unafraid of the heat.

Stay cool everyone.  Three liters of water a day.


PS - Louella is the San Francisco Milk Maid - if you are a west coaster, look up her cheese making classes immediately!  If you are an east coaster, you can thank her for the Narragansett Creamery artisanal cheese line, including my favorite, the ricotta (available at Eataly).

PPS - I stand corrected!  Aunt Patty arrived in 1949, not 1953.