Five Things


The fabulous Hitha of Hitha on the Go tagged me in a request to put together the increasingly popular, "Five Things."  So here goes nothing!

1. I grew up without television.  Instead, I read a lot of books.  

2.  At the end of high school I was torn between focusing my future on music or on academics.  In the end, I kept my eye on law school so I joined the honors program at Syracuse University.  I did sing once publicly in college though: the national anthem at the Syracuse football game with the highest record of attendance.  

3.  Peter swears that he loved me the minute he saw me.  In the picture above, he is reading a 'Love at First Sight Certificate' that he presented to me during at toast at our wedding.  He had it signed by the Judge who officiated and the doorman who was present when he first spotted me in the revolving door of our apartment building.  It wasn't a first-sight thing for me (I barely saw him!) but thinking about that toast brings me happiness even on my bluest days.

4.  When I was little we used to take family outings to the movies and each person would see a different flick.  

5. I hate carrying stuff!  When I'm out I usually take my credit card and if I'm feeling really ambitious, my keys. When I was in highschool I read an interview with a French designer (I can't remember which) who said that American girls carried around way too many things.  It stuck.