Flowers for Fall

Dried Lavender and an Autumnal Hydrangea (PS that's not an apple! It's a marble rattle)

This is the time of year when vegetables are boutiful but fresh cut flowers start to get scarce.  One of the ways that we've been keeping our windowsills decorated these days is with dried lavender.  Available for $20 a bunch at Adore Floral, the dried lavender is fragrant and pretty and will last eight months.  Eight months!  I can hardly get fresh cuts to last five days.  These autumnal hydrangeas will last longer than your garden-variety hydrangeas and I love their color palette.  Just right in an table arrangement with pumpkins and sqaush.  In order to get their full shelf-life you'll need to trim the ends each day and place them in fresh, cold water.  When you first bring them home from the market cut their ends on an angle and place in icewater.  The hydrangeas are available in the Union Square Greenmarket on Saturdays.


PS  Mommies to be and their friends looking to buy gifts: stay tuned tomorrow for the essential guide for newborn shopping.  I'll be delivering a shopping list of all of the items you'll need in the first month of your baby's life with no extras.  #thewaragainststuff