The French Press

I can't live without coffee.  Even in pregnancy I'm nursing a one-cup-a-day habit.  I think I mostly love the routine and the way it smells and holding a cup of something warm.  Peter is always teasing me for making a cup and taking only three sips before it becomes irretrievably cold.  At which point I put it in the fridge and drink it later as an iced coffee, just to spite him.

We have tried every variety of home-brewed caffeine.  First we had the percolator.  Too hard to clean.  Then the Nespresso.  I didn't love the taste and although the milk foamer never worked at home, the nespresso sales associate magically produced a perfect foam every time I brought it to the store to return it.   Finally, we purchased a French Press.  I'd avoided french presses because I thought it would be too much work and too annoying to clean.  I was wrong.  The Bodum French Press is a god send.  At $60, it's also a great housewarming, engagement or graduation gift.

To prepare a pot of French Press Coffee:

Heat a tea kettle of hot water.
With a coffee measure, add to the french press: 1 scoop of ground coffee per cup of coffee you'd like to brew.
When tea kettle whistles, add hot water to your french press.  Just eyeball it based on the number of cups you'd like.
Place the top on the french press with the lever up.
Steep the coffee for 5 minutes.
Press the lever down, pour and enjoy!
(Note: purists say that you should stir the coffee before you press.  I'm lazy, but my coffee still tastes great.)

You can also use a french press to make delicious loose leaf teas.

To clean:

Every piece of the french press can go in the dishwasher!  If you are dishwasherless like I was, until recently, the glass basin is extremely easy to clean by hand.  Use the spray attachment on your sink to rinse out the press mechanism after each use and disassemble the mechanism once per week to wash each piece thoroughly with a sponge.

Buying beans:

Make sure you get your beans coarsely ground or let your local coffee shop know that you'll be using a french press.  For great store bought ground coffee, I find this Illy Caffe Medium Roast works great.