Happy Birthday Hats!

A homemade birthday hat and stationery to match

Last night I helped celebrate the birthday of one of my very dearest friends (Hi, E!).  Her birthday is just ten or so days after mine so while she will always be able to boast that she's younger, we can generally commiserate about how ancient we are becoming.  Except when we were turning sixteen, in which case we commiserated about being the absolute last two people in the class to get our drivers' licenses.  This year I deposited the baby in the capable hands of my mother-in-law and headed out to Acme, where E ravished her gal pals in a Miu Miu dress and we all drank one too many tequila cocktails.  (These days by 'one-too-many' I mean: two.)

I wanted E to know just how much I love her so I spent the afternoon whipping her up a custom-made party hat with Snow & Graham flowered paper (available at Blick) and my signature mustard velvet ribbon.  Then I lined an envelope to create matching stationery for her birthday card.  She wore her hat proudly just until we finished off our plate of oysters.


Tools: Template, pencil, scissors, double-sided tape (or gluestick)

Here's how to put together your very own homemade party hat!

1. Cut out this party hat template (I found this on pinterest).

2. Trace it onto the back of your paper - make sure to pay attention which direction the pattern of your paper is going, or choose a paper that is not directional (like the one I chose).  Make sure to mark the dotted line on your own hat so that you know where you'll apply adhesive.

3. Apply adhesive to the marked section (I used double sided tape but you can easily use a gluestick instead) and roll up your hat, fastening on the marked line.  Cut two ribbons, staple them to the sides of the hat and voila!