Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, you ghouls!  I'll admit.  I've had it out for Halloween for a few years.  I don't really get the take-off-your clothes costume mentality that the holiday has come to be known for.  It's cheap and unimaginative (my two least favorite adjectives).  But now that we've got Jack in tow I am so back in the spirit!  This past weekend we went pumpkin picking (more on that tomorrow) and Peter picked out a huge one that he swore he was going to carve like an expert.  He's all talk, so when he sent me his pumpkin carving inspiration I quickly dismissed him.  But last night we broke out the Alfred Hitchcock flicks and he got to work.  Look at that JACK-o-lantern!  When he turned around his lit-up pumpkin for the big reveal I gave him a slow clap and serious compliments.  You nailed it, pumpkin pete!

We weren't going to do any Halloween costuming but Peter's mom recently gave me a superman sweater that had been handmade for Peter when he was a baby.  And so today, Jack is flying around New York as Superman.  I cannot stop giggling.

Treats are set out for our trick-or-treaters although I already know we'll only have one: my dear, dear gal pal who is going to help us carb up for the marathon (only Peter is running but that's no excuse to turn down hand made pasta).

I hope everyone has a spirited holiday!