On Holiday

I hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed their endless dinner plates of turkey & stuffing this weekend!  I was so full on Thursday evening that I thought I might keel over and die.  It was splendid.  Jack had a smashing holiday.  He slept through the meal in his car seat in the corner of the dining room, his first formal place card resting on its handle.  Peter and I are enormously grateful for a very special year full of lots of struggle, some success, and bundles of happiness.  But on this particular Thanksgiving we were especially grateful to have a set of new (old) wheels to transport us to our Connecticut holiday, and then off to Millbrook, New York for more celebrations.  Grand Central, I love you, but this is me giving thanks for no more metro north!

While you were reconnecting with your highschool pals over a cold beer next to a warm fire place on Wednesday, Pete was finishing up a sixteen hour round trip to Virginia - half of it by bus - all of it in the pouring rain - collecting our first family wheels.  He deserved a sparkling welcome!

Riley, Rosie, Mount Gay & Tonic