Immodal Implozego

When Peter & I first met Pete and his wife Katie, we were sharing a cab to separate events.  Katie mentioned that Pete was a musician who had just returned from Europe, so I assumed he was an oboe player with the New York Philharmonic or another orchestra.  Katie quickly clarified: Pete is a member of Dispatch.  I word vomited that Dispatch was my high school soundtrack.  The next day, I told my best friend from childhood that I'd met Pete, and that he was a member of Dispatch.

"Did you tell him that was our highschool soundtrack?"
"Actually, yes.  I said exactly that."

I knew that Katie and Pete would be fast friends because after we got past the basic introductions, we realized that we'd both given our dogs elaborate back stories.  Soon I was imaging Popeye, the 70 pound portuguese water dog, with eye glasses and a shirt collar and tie, giving speeches.  And before I knew it, I was telling them about Rosie's former life as a member of the Bolshoi ballet.  They were as gloriously weird as we are.  This week, Katie and Pete moved everything out of their apartment next door in favor of greener pastures in Connecticut.  I can't tell you how sad I am to see them go.  But we were able to celebrate last night at Mercury Lounge where Pete held a concert for his new album release, Immodal Implozego.  Pete is amazing to watch onstage.  And Katie even got up there for a number.

The album is amazing.  And although I'm not in highschool anymore, it's definitely becoming part of my soundtrack.  It's a must-download.