Jungle Jack Nursery

For those of you sifting through the newborn necessities - whether you're a mom to be or someone trying to pick out a helpful shower gift - here's an idea for you.  The Boppy breast feeding and infant support pillow is one of those "must haves" that gets thrown onto most shower registries.  It's a pillow that helps keep a newborn right at breast feeding height so mom can relax a little bit, especially for middle of the night feedings.  After two months it can also be used as an aid for tummy time and infant muscle development.  I was lucky enough to receive one as a gift (thanks again, Lexie!) but I could never find a Boppy brand slipcover that didn't make me cringe.  Everything was "Its a boy!" or "Its a girl!" or awful geometric patterns accented with green and brown.  Even the "plain" slipcover was baby themed.  So I turned to Etsy to find an alternative.  Meegan from Jungle Jack Nursery makes these beautiful slipcovers by hand in Boston.  The chevron pattern helps blend the breast feeding pillow into the scheme of our home so that we aren't victimized by baby-takeover syndrome.  I received my new slipcover within ten days and the fabric options are endless.  If you have a $50 shower gift budget, the boppy pillow with a Jungle Jack cover would make for an excellent gift for a choosy mama.


PS - As for the Boppy pillow itself: It's gotten the seal of approval from a number of moms that I've spoken to, but if you don't have the space don't worry: a sofa pillow will do just fine.