Les Produits de Beauté

Peter has an eye for keeping things simple.  We have very few things in our apartment and we prune our closets every season, donating what we no longer need to charity.  Before I met Peter, I had much more 'stuff'.  But I've always envied his ability to keep things basic and to know exactly what things are worth having and what things we can do with out.  Our bathroom cabinet is a great example.

I use very few products when I get ready each day: NARS tinted moisturizer, bronzer and mascara, all hidden in my orange crocodile Nancy Gonzalez make-up case (a very generous birthday gift from my sister-in-law).  If I'm extra tired, I swipe on NARS concealer in vanilla.  (Sigh.  Is anyone else offended by the names of their makeup products?  I am so vanilla this time of year!!)  I rarely leave the house without a spritz of Chanel Coromandel, a strong, classic scent packaged in a bottle so fabulous that it is almost a bathroom-cabinet statement piece!  I've never been so complimented on a scent before.  Especially by men, which is always a good sign, I think!  If I'm in the mood for a lighter scent I go with Prada Infusion d'iris, which smells light and perfectly feminine.  You'll find yourself acting daintier all day.  I am obsessed with NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils, which live in a vintage crystal pineapple pattern glass - the color will stay on your lips through an evening's worth of cocktail parties or an entire day at the office.  I have them in every shade of red, orange, purple and pink they make.  Favorites include Red Square, Dragon Girl, Cruella & Damned.  For a barely there look, Roman Holiday is great.  I also love Dior lipstick when I'm in the mood for a regular lipstick tube.  It is moisturizing but long lasting.  I'm wearing Dior Rouge Flamboyant today!  I also get a manicure each week and I prefer NARS nailpolish.  Although it's more expensive, I pick two colors a season and bring it along with me to the nail salon each week.  The color needs three coats but the manicure lasts without any chips for at least seven days.  I'm looking forward to picking out my Spring colors!

Since I cut my hair short I havent been much for brushing or combing, but when I do, Mason Pearson is the best you can buy.  I also love the pop of orange the brush adds to our bathroom cabinet.  Sometimes even Rosie gets combed with the Mason Pearson comb, that spoiled puppy!

Peter shaves just like my dad does, the old fashioned way.  He lathers up with a brush and Kiehl's "close shavers" shave cream and then shaves with an old-fashioned safety razor.  He finishes his shave with Kiehl's razor bump relief and occasionally Kiehl's blue astringent lotion.  We both swear by Kiehl's creme de corps for daily body moisturizer.

What lives in your bathroom cabinet?  Are there old products that are screaming to be thrown away?  What do you use every day?  What more do you need?  Keeping it simple can be hard.  You really have to know what you like.  Let me know what your favorite products are!  I love getting messages from readers at hello@anniedean.com!

Happy Thursday!