Life, Lately


People!  The holidays are HERE.  By weekend we'll be breaking out the Christmas lights and drinking champagne on weekdays because it's 'that time of year'.  As we've settled into the colder weather we are rediscovering our favorite cozy things to do around the house, which feels infinitely cozier now that we've discovered the WQXR app (search for WQXR in app store).  I've been meaning to complain for ages about the terrible classical and jazz options on Spotify and Pandora.  Once I made a Mendelssohn spotify station and a Nelly song came on.  [Blank stare]  Not to mention 'new-age' classical or versions of classical pieces made by synthesizers, not orchestras.  WQXR is curated by the experts and it never gets old.  You can choose between a live radio stream or a stream called operavore (my favorite).  Pete and I laugh every morning because they are always mentioning their month-long Bachstock, running now.  Like Woodstock, get it?  You can even order a psychedelic poster.  These are my kind of nerds.

Other things I'm loving these days?  Mestemacher bread (very) toasted, spread with fancy french butter and raw honey.  Red wine that is part grenache.  Sisley face wash (forget the clarisonic - my face has never been cleaner).  Smart Wool mountaineering socks with extra padding.  Sarabeth's hot chocolate mix.  Home brewed pots of cinnamon and spice. SERIAL.

I can't wait to kick off the holiday season this Wednesday.  Last year on the night before Thanksgiving Peter trekked to Washington D.C. to pick up our first set of wheels.  This year I'm going to let the guy put his feet up (he did just run two marathons in one month, afterall).  Coming up this week - a how-to on Christmas Card etiquette!


Throwback to last year's Thanksgiving eve, when Pete arrived home at close to midnight after a bus ride to D.C. in the pouring rain, followed by Thanksgiving traffic jams in 3 major cities (he deserved a little good cheer!):