Mad About Makie

So here we are: Jack is a huge baby!  He's grown out of almost everything we had on hand for him, even things we bought for him 4 weeks ago.  Peter and I are minimalists and we keep everything Jack owns in a tiny, four drawer elfa basket tower that is about 6 inches wide.  In order to keep things neat we have to be organized about swapping out clothes that no longer fit and even harder: we have to be very attentive to the things we purchase because we have zero extra storage space.  Jack has grown out of many brands' footie/onesie ensembles, but he needs unrestrictive clothing as he starts learning to move.  (He isn't crawling just yet but he is most certainly a little crawly thing!)  Enter Makie, a beautiful Japanese 'clothier' with a tiny, adorable shop on Thompson Street, an online presence, and a regular collaborator with

The fabrics at Makie are wonderful.  They are soft, durable and heartbreaking (the way all good baby clothes are - so small! so cute! so cozy!).  They wash well, though I tend to keep shrinkable pieces (like that terry sweatshirt) out of the dryer.  When Jack was born we thought we'd be all, Jacques! Jacques! You forgot your beret!  But in fact the brands we have fallen most in love with are Japanese.  Makie also makes sumptuous home accessories and beautiful women's pieces, including functional and cozy women's coats.

Makie is so simple and chic.  They write their receipts by hand on graph paper and the shopkeepers are quiet, polite and barely speak English (all details I love).


Rosie and Jack have the same favorite toy.  Seen here in Makie duds and Bonpoint socks.