Mad About Mokuba

A friend who works in fashion directed me to Mokuba, a ribbon shop in Manhattan's garment district and based in Tokyo, when I was looking to replace the ribbon bow belt on my Oscar de la Renta wedding dress.  The bow was originally made in brown and looked beautiful against the gold detailing in the dress.  But I needed white - a little touch to make the dress a bit more bridal.  I was skeptical that I'd be able to find a ribbon shop that could compare to the quality of the true-blue Oscar belt but I knew as soon as I walked into Mokuba that I'd been led to exactly the right place!  The ribbon I chose was beautiful, cream-colored and 100% silk.  I still have the little scrap left over in case I can ever find a way to use it!

When our first anniversary came around, I thought it'd be fun to bring out the dress just one more time for our anniversary dinner at Daniel.  I headed back to Mokuba and bought a beautiful eggplant, double-sided velvet ribbon and had the belt remade a third time.  It made the dress feel extra wintery and even more luxurious with the added texture.  With lipstick to match!

If you're a bride looking for a sash, or just a gal looking to update a dress in some way, Mokuba is the place.  Make sure you know exactly how many yards you'll need before you go, though.  You won't want to pay for unused ribbon because the prices reflect the very high quality product.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!  I can't believe Friday is already here!  Another busy & fun filled weekend ahead for our clan - how about you?