For Miles and Miles

My favorite wedding picture - all smiles

On this day, two years ago, Peter and I got all dolled up and made some promises.  Our best friends and our families bore witness and drank lots of champagne.  We stayed up until sunrise, ending the evening by the fireplace at the Bowery Hotel, just as the morning's papers were being delivered.  Peter read our New York Times announcement outloud to the few of us who made it to the witching hour, smiling in between polenta fries.  It was an amazing day and it started with snow, just like today.

The inside of our wedding bands are engraved with the phrase, "For Miles and Miles."  It is taken from a Japanese haiku that we used to say to eachother: Wake up butterfly, its late, and we've got miles to go together.  I think we've been through quite a few miles already.  We've been together four years now, married for two.  We've taken big risks and long strides and I'm happy to say that our family is stronger today than it ever has been.  

On a snowy day four years ago Peter spotted me in a revolving door in the apartment building we shared together.  Isn't it amazing that such an insignificant moment can completely change the course of two people's lives forever?  Thank you Peter, for approaching life with so much kindness, confidence and style.  Thank you for being so maddeningly capable.  There isn't a thing out there that you can't fix.  I love you and I admire you.  

There's never been another you.


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PPS - Peter, I'll meet you at the warming station tonight at 8.  This is one of the coldest days on record.