Mom Jeans

Barefoot and no longer pregnant (phew!)

For starters: I'm typing this post one-handed while Jack cozies up to my right breast for breakfast.  Where's my coffee!  When do I get to wash my hair!

...That aside.

Jack reached the three week mark yesterday.  He's growing like a fiend, eating like crazy, and spending more time with his eyes open each day.  We coo at him constantly and it seems that he's always being snuggled in the arms of someone who adores him.  How fabulous is it to be a baby?  Watching Jack reach three weeks is one thing.  But watching my body three weeks after delivery is a totally other thing.  I thought that after three weeks with the breastfeeding ("it melts the extra weight off of you") I'd be cozied back up in my pre-pregnancy jeans and feeling so great that I'd be defying the doctor's 'no exercise' order before the requisite six weeks came to an end.  That's not quite how things have worked out.  My hands and feet are still too swollen for wedding rings or regular shoes.  When I recently ordered a nursing bra through the mail I opened it and scolded myself for ordering something so outrageously too-big, only to try it on and find that it was on the small side.  Because Jack's cord was wrapped around his neck during delivery, I ended up with a procedure requiring many stitches (how many I dont know, I refused to ask).  And so exercise seems like a distant goal and it's a struggle to find something comfortable to wear.  But one of the important things about being a new mom is feeling good about yourself and everything you've accomplished.  It's normal to feel tired, be bloated, and be holding on to baby weight in the double digits.  Four days after delivery two women asked me when I was due.  I told them I'd just given birth four days ago and they apologized, embarassed.  "It's ok!", I said.  "This is how I'm supposed to look!"

Enter Gap 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans, which I purchased last week on sale for $17 (normally $75).  If you're pregnant, run out and grab a pair two sizes larger than your pre-pregnancy size.  You'll be thrilled to have a pair of roomy, casual jeans to wear that are also super cute and look great with a 100% cotton button down (essential for breast feeding).  And if you're a regular gal without pregnancy on the brain, you'd do well to grab a pair, too.  How adorable would these look with a slouchy cashmere sweater and heels for fall?  And seventeen dollars?  Come on!