Mommy Mode

Work has been quiet since the beginning of April, so I took off a few days this week to get into full-blown mommy mode.  I've visited the pediatrician, toured the hospital, registered for a birthing class and (gulp!) spent an afternoon at Buy Buy Baby.  The hardest part of all of this for me is separating the good advice from the bad advice.  (As it turns out - answer not available on google.)  Yesterday on my 'mommy walk' at Buy Buy Baby they kept saying 'must have' and I kept saying 'please, no' and then I'd hear the scanner beep anyways.  But I'm slowly gaining the confidence and the information to do things the way I always do - my own way.

And there's good news for you, too!  I'm working on a list of essential information and essential items that you can hold onto for when your turn comes.  No frills.  No "buy the Baby Einstein or your child will be lucky to graduate from an online college!"  No suggesting that women who need strollers compatible for the subway are second class!  And I promise - no eye rolling for mommies who live in walk-ups.  Let's get back to basics people!

Every week my stomach grows a little bigger and I realize bit by bit that there's a little guy in there with a name and ten fingers and ten toes who's going to make us both euphoric and insane.  My only hope is that he's as cute as little baby Peter pictured here in Nantucket in 1986.  To me this picture is so Pete.  Look at him with his watering can and his bucket.  At two years old he's already tackling new projects (although he's since moved on from Sandcastles).