My Small New Yorker

Small New Yorkers Need Big Change

Good morning!  Here I am: older and wiser.  Yesterday I turned 29. I am officially in my very-late-twenties and we celebrated with a busier and more fun filled weekend than we've had in ages.  A few of my closest friends came over for chamapagne (bribery) from "5-7" on Saturday, but by 9pm we'd all missed various dinner reservations and had drank through an entire case of Perrier Jouet.  At 9:15 Pete and I marched over to Claudette for dinner, feeling obligated to take advantage of the evening, but I would have been just as happy ordering in pizza and watching another episode of the Roosevelts.

Perrier Jouet in crystal tumblers makes quick work of a case; canale

On Sunday morning Pete and I went to Lafayette for pancakes (my favorite).  Then we went downtown to collect Jack, who had stayed overnight at his Baba's.  "I have to go with you to get him", I told Pete.  "I know he must be disoriented without me."  When I arrived Jack barely glanced at me.  He kept eating his lovingly made, farm-fresh eggs and running around with his cousins.  (My mother-in-law is famous for spoiling her family with food - does anyone remember when she showed up at the hospital after Jack was born with down pillows, china place settings, and a roast chicken?)  Turns out he had the best sleepover in the history of sleepovers.  He woke up at 3am and Baba, who was still awake, got him fully dressed and took him out for an adventure to the 24 hour gourmet market.  She bought him the fanciest oatmeal she could find (Scottish - I stole the rest of the bag) and he ate a whole bowl of it at 4, with lots of french butter.  They stayed up 'til six, took a quick nap, and then went to Battery Park barefoot with his cousins.

Cities all over the world marched to protest climate change; here we are in Columbus Circle

The four of us (Me, Pete, Baba + Jack) went to the Climate Change march.  It was a wonderful experience and I was so proud that Jack was a part of it.  I hope he'll look at this picture in twenty years and know that he's been an activist since the time he could walk.  If Small New Yorkers Need Big Change, well then Big New Yorkers Need to Be Great.  Yesterday was full of greatness and I hope it inspires progress.

When we finally returned home, Bond Street was full of party goers feteing the twentieth anniversary of Il Buco with an outdoor pig roast.  There were two 300 lb pigs roasting in the middle of the street and as much bread salad, sausage and pesto pasta as we could handle.

The whole city was in the mood to celebrate yesterday!