New York City is my Hometown

I wasn't born here.  I haven't even been here long enough to be a true-blue New Yorker a-la Ed Koch (three more years until I reach the 10 year mark).  But ever since Jack was born I've been having these moments of belonging where suddenly I realize, "New York City is my hometown."  

On days like the New York City Marathon, I feel it even more earnestly.

Congratulations to all of the runners who competed in the marathon yesterday.  It was an event that was sorely missed by our family last year.  Thank you to the New York City Police Department for keeping the runners and spectators safe and sound.  Thank you especially to the police officer who, when Peter got sick after mile 21, took off his hat and put it on Peter's head and got him running again.

New York City is the best city on earth.


Jack & his Baba

The crowd relaxing before the runners started trickling through

Aunt Natasha & Cousin Indy navigating down Columbus Ave after the race