The News on Nails

Forget the autumnal equinox.  Fall begins with a gal's first red manicure.  

And so the other day I put Jack in a baby sling and brought him to the nail salon because I couldn't stand for this amazing fall weather with unlacquered nails.  True, the afternoon may have ended with a frantic phone call to the pediatrician since Jack's arm had fallen asleep when I took him out of his carrier leading me to draw quick, baseless, terrifying conclusions.  (Sorry doc.  New mom over here.)  But at least I came away with a manicure.

The best red nails on the market can be had for $19.00 and a bottle will last you over a year.  Enter NARS nail polish in Jungle Red for the sweater weather and Chinatown when it's time to break out the fur.  Ask your manicurist to apply three coats and your manicure will last, chip free, for more than a week.  Once you get addicted to the good stuff you'll get snobby about settling for Essie (no matter how fun their seasonal colors might be).

Added bonus:  Jungle Red pairs perfectly (without surprise) with a semi-matte lipstick by the same name.  Chinatown is a perfect match to the velvet matte lip pencil in Cruella.

Happy Tuesday!


PS This post is in celebration of another ode to red nails - today on Style Me Pretty Living!