Peonies & A Rosebud

We are co-hosting an engagement party for friends this weekend and when I was looking back through some older photographs for entertaining inspiration, I found this photo of Rosie and my heart melted.  She was three months old and this was one week after we brought her home.  She was so curious about everything so we let her sniff around the peonies I'd just brought home from the 14th Street Flower Market.  At first she was gentle but it wasn't long until she tried to fit whole buds in her mouth (at which point the flowers went back on the table).  The sunlight and the flowers in this picture make me so optimistic for Spring.  I can't wait for open windows and the smell of early summer.  It's not long away now.

Wishing you all a very happy Friday!  I'm off for a round of blood work (yuck) but I'm hoping to make up for it with an outdoor lunch.  Its too pretty to be inside!