Puppy Love

Rosie is almost a year old and was really sick of the kibble we'd been feeding her, so when we ran out recently, we switched her to the small breed version.  She liked it much better but our novice puppy raising skills became evident around 3 am that morning, and the next morning, and the next.  She was having tummy trouble in a big way.  I spoke with my friend's mother who treats her own dogs like they are her children and she recommended this tummy saving technique: rice, plain Greek yogurt & banana.  For Rosie we used about 3 oz. of yogurt, 2 tablespoons full of rice and a quarter of a banana twice a day.  This is adjustable based on the size of your dog.  Before serving, mash up the bananas and mix the ingredients together until combined.

Rosie was feeling better in no time and on this particular morning, she got to eat off of a fancy plate.  Do you think she noticed?  After two days of this mixture, we went back to the kibble but mixed it with yogurt.  And after a few servings that way, she was ready for the plain kibble all on its own.

Now she can focus being a puppy: