Quail Hill Farm

When a friend of mine noticed that Peter and I were spending weekends out in the Hamptons she was quick to let me know that her fabulous sister, Layton, was managing a farm out in Amagansett.  Fresh food and outdoor time are two sure ways to my heart.  A few weeks ago we met up with Layton for a tour of the farm.  We walked around the beautiful grounds, picked our own veggies, and showed Rosie what it means to be a farm dog.  I don't think she's had a happier day in her life.

Quail Hill Farm is located in Amagansett and is part of the Peconic Land Trust.  Quail Hill runs a CSA program for full and seasonal shares which is unique in that the CSA members harvest their own produce.  This leaves time for the farm staff to attend to the hard work of growing and maintaining the farm.  Children of CSA members maintain their own vegetable garden and CSA members are informed each week about which areas are ripe for the harvest.  When we visited cucumbers, carrots, fresh herbs, fresh flowers, candy striped beets, red onions, white onions and garlic were all up for grabs.  Peter and I are pickling fresh veggies this summer to give as Christmas gifts this year and so Layton sent us away with bushels of cucumbers, dill weed and other pickling essentials.  It was amazing to pick her brain about the process.

Farming seems like such a romantic career to those of us who spend our days in business suits in office towers.  But after a few hours with Layton it was obvious what hard work it is.  It's amazing to see a farmer work with her hands.  The narrative she has with each planted crop is so nuanced.  And as someone who is days away from having a baby it's inspiring to hang around someone who is so adept at making things grow.

Thank you Layton & Quail Hill!


Quail Hill Farm Recipes (compiled by CSA members and available on their website)