Real Simple: A New Name!

Good morning, all!  I'm thrilled to let you know about some new developments here on the blog.  In anticipation of some exciting upcoming projects, we have a new name!  Although The Elements of Style by Strunk and White has always been a favorite of mine and a source of inspiration both for my blog and for my life (yes! I like grammar that much!), the name appears in too many places for it to be unique as I wanted it to be.  I tortured myself for a full week about names that might work (those of you that have not been subject to my email brainstorming, be thankful).  And in the end, I kept it real simple.  The url and the title are now Annie  The updated header should be visible to all, but you may need to empty your cache before you can see all of the changes (i.e. the tab icon is now an 'A' instead of an 'E').

Thank you for following the site - this has been such a fun project for me and I can't believe I've already been at this for almost five months.  I promise to keep you on your toes with some exciting new collaborations soon.


I couldn't say goodbye to The Elements of Style without paying homage to the hardcopy.  This particular version is illustrated and is one of the three copies I have of the book at home.  It is available at Anthropologie for $24.95 and is the perfect graduation gift for a fledgling adult headed out into the real world, or for anyone at any time, really.  You can flip through some of the illustrations on the Anthropologie site and I promise it will brighten your day!