Required Reading

I recently discovered Cherry Bombe magazine, a bi-annual lifestyle magazine that celebrates food.  Karlie Kloss graces the cover of their innaugural issue and everything about it is just so, well, cool.  Technically, it's a culinary journal.  But the photography is fashion-mag meets auction house catalogue and the content is quirky and smart.  It's both girly (see title; typography; pink) and feminist (see absence of men in its round up of "tastemakers" (sorry, but the men aren't missed)).  Cherry Bombe is like the sleepover party of you dreams: it's all the girls from the popular lunch table, everyone is surprisingly nice to you, and the late night snacks are outrageous.

Some of my favorite profiles were of those cult-favorite New York City foodies like April Bloomfield (of the Spotted Pig and other adventures), Melia Marden (executive chef at The Smile), Gabrielle Hamilton (of Prune) and Christina Tosi (Momufuku Milkbar inventress).  But we also hear from blogger favorites like Garance Dore and Emily Weiss and legitimate members of the glitterati like Sofia Coppola.

Pros: The information in its pages is supreme.  I loved learning about where I can find real maraschino cherries (an essential for Old Fashioned cocktails, and an item I've been on a long-time hunt for).   Or where I can find gorgeous, hand-made wooden spoons, not the kind that dry out and feel creepy after the third time you wash them.  

Cons: Essential weekend read, yes.  But you may have to skip brunch to justify the $18 sticker price.


PS - And their launch party was at the much lusted after, private third floor of The Spotted Pig. Swoon!