Shine Bright Like a Diamond

There's nothing more exciting than the day you receive a diamond ring from your hubby to be, and nothing more frustrating than trying to get it as sparkly as it seemed the first moment you received it.  Diamonds, girls best friend though they may be, quickly lose their luster if they aren't cleaned properly and regularly.  

Every other week I get out the cleaning kit that we received with our Cartier wedding bands.  It includes a small toothbrush, jewelry cleaner and a polishing cloth.  I love the fancy box but don't be fooled - you can pick up any of these items at the drug store.  Clean the diamonds, the setting and the band with a toothbrush and a dime sized dollop of jewelry cleaner or liquid soap.  Rinse thoroughly and dry off any watermarks with a polishing cloth (or old t-shirt will do fine!)

Lina Cheung at Cartier recommends daily diamond upkeep with an old toothbrush and some liquid soap.  Just don't lose a diamond down the drain!


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