On my way to work this morning I saw happy young couples packing up cars, instagrams of plane tickets to Paris and facebook photos from Hawaii.  This city is officially in vacation mode!  Happy (almost) Memorial Day!

Peter and I are celebrating his sister's wedding this weekend at La Grenouille before heading out to the Hamptons for some R&R, so we're equally checked out at the moment.  But all the vacation hub-bub made me nostalgic for a real-life, across-the-ocean vacation, like the trip we took to London in 2011 to celebrate my best friend's wedding.  Life was different then!  My hair was long.  We weren't engaged.  Baby was not on the brain.  Champagne was, though!  And Pimm's cups!  And sneaking photographs at brunch at the Wolseley.  I thought the London Eye was one of the most enjoyable 'tourist' things I've ever done.  We went in the late afternoon when the light is just beautiful and the whole city looks charming from any vantage point, particularly a bird's eye view.  Incidentally, we were able to watch the smoke rise from the Hilton, which was burning down on the same block as our hotel.  Peter noticed the fire as we were taking a rest in our hotel room and quickly decided we needed to leave.  I panicked: But what about my bridesmaids dress?   I left the dress in its place, but only after some convincing.  Luckily the fire didn't affect our hotel or the dress, except that our in-house dinner at Nobu smelled a little like campfire.

Every time we travel somewhere with a landmark, I make Peter take a picture like this one:

I can't wait until we're old and we've traveled everywhere and we have a collection of Peter making kitschy poses with notable buildings and statues and natural phenomenons world-wide.  He's always so embarassed.  Wait until I make our son get involved. 

Wherever you're traveling this weekend, have fun and be safe! 


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