Tender Buttons

Spring is around the corner and I'm officially dreaming about storing my winter gear and pulling out my trenchcoat and cardigans.  But before Spring arrives each year, I think about my favorite pieces from the previous season and wonder whether there are any inexpensive updates I might make rather than replacing a piece I've gotten sick of.  Tender Buttons is a great place to start.  The little shop on 62nd & Lexington has thousands of button options, ranging from classic horn buttons made in France to the most delightfully tacky 80's inspired plastic options.  

Sometimes the hallmark of a thrifty clothing purchase is the plastic buttons made in China.  But a Zara blazer or Banana Republic trenchcoat can look as expensive as its Prada and Burberry counterparts with a quick hardware update.  This Spring I'll be looking for an inexpensive navy blazer and swapping out the buttons for a genuine brass set, imported from France.  Also, if you or your husband are ordering a custom or customizable suit, ask the clothier to look at tender buttons for options.  Even the nicest stores often stock plastic buttons.

In fact, Tender Buttons once came to the rescue for Peter when one of the horn buttons on his limited edition Japanese designed Barbour coat broke.  He sent the coat back to Barbour to have the button replaced and the warehouse stripped all of the buttons and replaced them with a plastic version with "Barbour" written prominently on each button.  When the Madison Avenue store realized the mistake, they sent Peter to Tender Buttons to pick out a set of horn replacements (and they picked up the tab - great customer service!)

Tender Buttons is one of those New York gemstones that's worth a visit whether you're in need of new buttons or not.  I'm sure you'll find some buttons to covet.  Talk about cheap thrills!

Tender Buttons 
143 E 62nd St

New York, NY 10065
(212) 758-7004

Happy Monday!