Traditionally Yours

When I was little, my mom and dad would stand in front of the mirror in the hallway, right in front of a print by Norman Rockwell that said "Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You."  (It stuck, mom.)  They would chat before my dad left for work, and she would tie his bow tie.  My dad wore a bow tie to work everyday.  He still does.  

Peter doesn't wear a bow tie everyday, but he does have quite an affinity for them.  And I tie them up each time he wears one.  It makes me happy when he's all put together and handsome but still needs me for the final touch.  

Now that my belly is really growing I've been thinking a lot about the traditions I had when I was young and the memories Peter and I will make for our baby.  I remember mornings with the New York Times and evenings with Jim Lehrer and listening to symphonies with my siblings like they were TV programs.  I remember church on Sundays and the programs that my mom would never throw away on the floor of the car.  I remember coffee cake on weekends.  I remember my dad trying (failing) to make my mom a birthday cake and my mom making my friends homemade chocolate chip cookies whenever they came over to play.  I remember being read to every night in my dad's blue chair.

What traditions did you have when you were little?  Which ones would you carry on?  Tweet me at @primandpretty!