Tree Trimming

With only two weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  We purchased our tree this weekend in Millbrook, New York at Evergreen Farm.  It's a sweet little family owned Christmas Tree farm around the corner from a 1700's episcopal church.  No tacky signs of overt Christmas commercialism (maybe it's because I have a baby now but all the commercialism is making me especially nauseous this year).  Just cars lined up and helpful men in Carhartt suits at the ready.  Here's the best part: our tree this year cost $60 and because we cut it down that day, it will last until Februrary.  In past years we've spent over $200 and two out of four years we've had to actually bring the tree back for a new one because it died.  At that price you may as well rent a car and drive to Millbrook and cut down your tree.  They'll tie it up securely to your roof.  Stop in town at Les Baux for lunch and cheers over a plate of steamed mussels to the beginning of a festive holiday season!

When we visited the tree farm, we were running tight on time (babies tend to have this effect).  I stayed in the car with Jack & Rosie while Pete chose the tree (an enormously full eight footer).  When we got back to the city, I walked the crew around the block, praying audibly, while Peter carried the eight foot tree up three flights of stairs by himself.  When we cut open the plastic, three moths flew out and we discovered lots of little pinecones on the branches.  Authentico.

We trimmed the tree last night.  White lights.  Red ornaments with varied textures.  Tchotchke ornaments that we've collected over the years.  A nutcracker here, a copper pot there (a new acquisition), some vintage ornaments, and hand painted balls depicting the twelve days of Christmas.  Instead of a tree skirt we use burlap (available for purchase at most fabric stores; I believe we got ours at Zarins).  And we tie a velvet ribbon at the top of the tree rather than a star.  I haven't gotten there yet, but I promise to by December 25th.

Have you gotten your tree yet?


Fingers crossed that baby holds tight on the highway! (It did.)

PS - As you're tree trimming this year, listen to The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, available on itunes.  It's the best Christmas music!