The Valentina

There was a moment this past Fall when I suddenly felt that all of the very high-heels in my closet made me look like a drag queen.  I could barely look at my Prada platforms and chic little Miu Miu pumps.  We are through!, I thought.  

My husband was horrified.  

Him: What do you mean you want short heels?  You want to look like a grandmother?
Me: Sometimes you just dont get me!

First, he made objections.  Then he resorted to grand promises.  "I'll go with you to Bergdorf's today.  You can have any pair you want as long as their not short!"  I crossed my arms.  Refused.  Tightened my lips into a scowl.  "High heels are tacky."  I told him.  And he knew the fight was over.  I'd given high heels my most hateful adjective.  I wasn't turning back.

I've since returned to reason.  I look at New Yorkers in their four-inchers with envy now that I'm pregnant and the sciatic pain in my right leg has me wearing Supergas far more often than is reasonable.  But during my short-heeled frenzy, I discovered what I consider the perfect shoe: The J.Crew Valetina pump.  At $238, the cost is reasonable.  The cut is elegant.  The height is comfortable.  They are perfect with jeans and tasteful with trousers.  I'll admit: I have them in three colors.  This Memorial Day, throw on a pair of Valentinas in Apricot Mist with your favorite sweater and oversized sunglasses for a classic, tailored look that will impress even the most skeptical of the short-heeled style.

J.Crew Valetina Pump // Stella McCartney Tortoise Shell Sunglasses // Equipment Polka Dot Sweater // Malene Birger Anchor Print Jeans // Bauble Bar Navy Blossom Studs