A Very Hoppy Easter!

WOW.  It's amazing what a weekend of rest and beautiful weather can do for a gal.  I feel like a new lady.  So does Rosie, by the way.  On Saturday we headed out to Wilton, Connecticut, to spend the weekend with my Grammy.  On Saturday the weather was so beautiful that Rosie rode home from the train station with her head out the window.  Later in the day, when the sun was turning golden and peeking through the trees, Peter and I took Rosie for her first jaunt in the woods.  Grammy lives on the edge of a state park full of trails, rickety wooden bridges, running streams, peepers and fallen trees whose roots are ten feet high (thanks, Sandy).  Rosie was so thrilled her whole backend was wagging.

On Sunday Grammy and I went to church where there was a special brass quartet.  I just love churches.  They smell like old prayer books and they're full of music.  It's also fun to watch a community of people come together, which is so rare in New York City.  There were wonderful Easter hats and little boys in pressed shirts, ties and blue blazers.  One girl in the choir insisted on making her own pig tails (it was rather obvious from the back).  Afterwards we made a lamb roast, mashed potatoes and asparagus and the family sipped on gin and tonics while I drank Pelligrino in front of the fire.  

Fun was had by all.  Peter shared the contents of his Easter basket with the crowd, and I planted peeps around Grammy's house on little beds of Easter grass.  I gave Rosie three dog treats inside of plastic eggs and she had the most glorious time trying to get them out.  By this time next year, we'll be back to dying Easter eggs for the baby!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday last week, whether it was Easter or Passover or just a lovely Spring weekend.