Walgreens for Warhol

I was thrilled to team up with Milk Studios and their sponsor, Walgreens, this fashion week.  Milk Studios hosts a lot of smaller labels and designers and so the industrial space is chock full of energy and fashion enthusiasts at their quirkiest and New Yorkiest.  Think: red lipstick, heavy-framed eyeglasses, combat boots and fur, fur, fur.  It all feels very downtown.  Walgreens kept Milk Studios stocked up with snacks of all sorts and sent me home with the worlds most adorable metal lunch box, full of goodies made by their Nice! brand.  Nice! has such a retro feel that it was screaming for a Warhol impersonation - and I swear I spotted some factory girls!

Thanks for inviting me, Walgreens & Milk Studios!  I loved checking out the shows!


At the Walgreen's snackbar.


Send me back to grade school!  I <3 my lunchbox!


Models need to eat too!