On the Wall

Good morning, all!  My bottom has been planted in an office chair since late February and I'm so thrilled to be wrapping up this quarter with a closing today.  I have a pile of letters to write, house chores to take care of, an Easter basket to build, and a little puppy to take for a long walk (because I havent seen her or the outside in weeks it feels like, except her birthday party of course).  I can't believe we've already conquered a season and a quarter in 2013.  I'm ready for Spring! I'm ready to feel the baby kick!  I'm ready to spend more time outside and - I can't believe I'm saying this - I'm ready to put away my fur coats until next Fall.

I'm frequently asked about the photograph in the background of this shot.  Isn't it beautiful?  It is a piece made by our photographer friend, Mike Mabes, who is as wonderfully talented as he is an amazing character.  We love it whenever we see him.  And if I'm having a bad day, sometimes I flip through the images on his website because they're so gorgeous.  Mike shot this photo with a vintage rolleiflex camera (they're very fun to investigate - quite a contraption) in the Van Gogh room at the Met.  We asked him to print it extra, extra large and had it framed by our favorite framer, Don at DDG Frame Shop, 221 Bowery, (646) 674-4830.  Don's frames are an investment but they are really special.  For a less expensive but still beautifully crafted frame, try Mascot Studio on 9th St. 

Wishing you all a little bit of beauty today!  I need it.  


PS this photo was originally posted in a great piece on Baton Blog.