Weekend in Review

"What is a weekend?" Downton's dowager famously inquired.  I'd love to be a lady without knowledge of the distinction between labor and leisure, but unfortunately for me, I live for the forty-eight hours of freedom sandwiched between the ends of each work week.  This weekend in particular was full of fun: dinner with a dear, out-of-town friend, bagels for breakfast with our favorite neighbors, a birthday dinner for a frustratingly young but very favorite gal pal, brunch with a bestie, and burgers with one of our favorite couples.  And then Downton, of course.  Which I'm ashamed to admit we are watching for a second time because we could not bear to miss it as it was aired in the UK.

So without further adieu, here is the full weekend in review:

Friday Night
9pm dinner at Mermaid Inn 
96 Second Avenue (6th St.)

I was thrilled when my friend Sara got in touch to tell me she'd be in town from Philadelphia on Friday evening.  Sara and I have technically known each other since college but only became friends over the past year or so, which is so deeply disappointing, because I can only imagine the fun we could have had in our heyday.  Sara has two beautiful children and she smells like heaven.  Like really, really expensive gardenia.  It took us an hour to order after we sat down because we just couldnt manage to pause the conversation to glance at the menu.  We had oysters, lobster 'escargot' and some amazing fish tacos that I've been craving ever since.  Three and a half hours after we sat, we walked a few blocks under a shared umbrella, still not quite able to quit gabbing.  

What I woreMy very favorite pair of high-waisted J.Brand jeans, a J.Crew merino wool sweater, Kara Ross clip-ons, J.Crew heels, NARS velvet matte lip pencil in Red Square, my husband's 1961 Rolex Explorer and the Vince coyote fur coat that goes everywhere with me at this time of year. Low heels were essential because of the rain.  Peter let me use the nice umbrella.  I almost left it behind.

Saturday Morning
10:30am Breakfast on Bond Street

Peter and I are so lucky to live next door to an amazing family: Katie, Pete, their two year old Charlie, newborn Calliope & portugese waterdog, Popeye.  Lately we've been planning bagel breakfasts so that the dogs can play and I can oogle at little Calliope, watch Charlie give impromptu musical performances and comb through Katie's brilliant collection of home inspirations (they are currently remodeling a house in CT, which means we'll have to make special out-of-state deliveries of Russ & Daughters since we'll be so devastated to see them go).  On this particular morning, Pete & Pete were wearing matching sweaters and we were lucky to hear a couple of new tracks from Pete's upcoming album, which were amazing.  Check out www.petefrancis.com for updates on the upcoming album release date.

What I wore: Those same J.Brand jeans (I live in them), an APC wool sweater, J.Crew tortoise-shell headband (I'm growing out a pixie), J.Crew snowflake socks, Rag & Bone booties & the same vintage Rolex.  I always make sure to kick off my shoes whenever I arrive at Katie & Pete's house because of their new babies (and gorgeous hardwood floors), so I always try to wear exciting socks when I visit.

Saturday Night
8pm Dinner at Gemma
335 Bowery (3rd St.)

Our Supper Club crew rendezvoused at Tiler's favorite restaurant, Gemma, to celebrate her (brace yourself) twenty-fourth birthday.  Tiler has been more mature (and far more talented) than me since she was about 11, so I try not to compare her maturity and grace to my twenty-four year old self, on which I need not elaborate.  Dinners with this group of friends are the best kind of fun.  We talked about everything from tequila shots to where to buy the best opera records (housing works, eighty-nine cents) and narrowly avoided catastrophe when a full bottle of white wine slipped out of the waiter's hands onto the table, shattering glass into three people's entrees.  As soon as replacement manhattans were delivered (immediately) we went right back to gabbing and begging Tiler to stand up and show off her gorgeous white leather pants.

What I wore: Theory silk t-shirt with padded shoulders and exposed zipper, black J.Brand jeans, Prada heels, Kenneth Jay Lane teardrop earrings in emerald, NARS lipstick in Shanghai Express topped with velvet matte lip pencil in Damned.  And my Vince fur coat, which I use as a over-the-shoulders cardigan in all restaurants in the event of even the slightest draft.

Sunday Morning
11:30am Brunch at NoMad
1170 Broadway (at 28th St.)

Lauren is one of my best friends from law school.  She might also ask, "What is a weekend?", but only because she has a way of working through them.  So when she mentioned she was free this Sunday I reserved most of the day.  We met at 11:30 for brunch at NoMad, where the service was impeccable and the food was otherworldly.  In fact, we ordered three brunch entrees because we just couldn't make up our minds.  The orange juice was fresh squeezed, perfectly chilled, without a piece of pulp in sight - my seven year-old-self was thrilled.  After brunch we cozied up in the Library Bar where I sipped on chammomile tea and devoured the New York Times and Lauren listened into a conference call on her iphone with headphones.  When we were finished took a lazy walk down to Bond Street and cuddled with Rosie until it was time for her to leave.

7:30pm Burgers at Half King
505 West 23rd St. (at 10th Ave)

Wilson & Kendall invited us weeks ago to their neighborhood burger joint to try the cheeseburger they'd been raving about for months.  I'd been dreaming of it ever since.  When we planned dinner for this Sunday evening, Wilson kindly suggested that we meet at a cute Italian cafe in the West Village - an equal trip for each couple.  But as the day wore on, I begged Kendall to let us go back for those burgers on their block.  They were more than happy to oblige.

What I wore: Winter white Rag & Bone jeans, grey Vince sweater, black uniqlo t-shirt, grey cashmere socks (stolen off of Peter's feet), grey drop earrings made from a vintage chandelier, Rag & Bone booties.