Working From Home


When life is hectic it isn't easy to get work done.  Even if 'work' means sending an email to your best friend in Seattle who is dying for a baby update.  But you can make things a little bit more manageable for yourself by creating a zen workspace.  The key is to minimize clutter.  Spend an afternoon finding a place for everything you use when you work, whatever that means.  If you can't find a place for something, you can probably throw it out.  I mean it!  Do not hold onto a dying yellow highlighter if you have a pink and a blue.  Get rid of irrelevant receipts.  Forget the duplicate scissors.  Only keep what you can carry (if 'carry' were to mean 'fit in a slim drawer').

Once you've gotten your 'stuff' in order, start thinking design.  The best way to create a beautiful space out of something small is to work within a single color palate and vary your textures.  Note: I don't mean a single color.  Just be careful to pick colors, no matter how bold, that are related/compliment eachother.  It might mean shades of cream, light pinks, and light blues, or it can mean persimmon, orange, bright yellow and an accent of cerulean.   I don't mean that you should choose muted colors.  But when a small space functions within a limited color scheme, it's easily digested by our senses and makes us feel relaxed and at home.  Now.  Texture.  Texture adds depth to a space.  Find a garage sale chair and add a sheepskin.  Throw an oriental rug under a white lacquer desk.  Make a desk 'inbox' out of a shallow vintage wooden crate or basket.  Hunt down a bedazzled stapler.  Even small textural elements will speak volumes.

I was sad when I had to relocate my office space from our 'office nook' to make room for baby Jack's 'baby nook'.  But it allowed me to play with one of my favorite pieces of art and besides - the baby nook looks spectacular.  Can't wait to share pictures once we tie up the finishing touches.  The "magic" happens on a mirrored West Elm Parson's desk while seated on a Philippe Starck Ghost Chair and pecking on an Apple iMac and track pad (a regular mouse wont work on the mirrored surface).  Our white washed brick wall serves as a background with our beautiful Mike Mabes print of the Van Gogh room at the MET, framed by Don at DDG Frame Shop (221 Bowery, (646) 674-4830).

Now, back to work!