You'll Catch More Flies with Honey

Am I the only one who made a last ditch attempt at summer by buying a dozen nectarines at the market?  It was all well and good - just nearly ripened - when suddenly my kitchen errupted into an unfortunate swarm of fruit flies.  With the baby on my hands I didn't take the time to wash my fruit before I set it out on the countertop (the best place for ripening fruit - not the fridge), which means that any fruit fly eggs that had been laid had the chance to grow.  Hows that for gross?

Here's how to handle a fruit fly bonanza:

Keep all discarded food in a covered garbage.  Move any fruit or food items that you've set out on your counter into the refrigerator until the problem is resolved.  And then get to work: put a couple of slices of fresh fruit (I had necatrines on hand, but bananas would be great) in the bottom of a mason jar.  Roll a sheet of paper into a cone so that the flies can easily fly into the top but are trapped (aha!) once they fly down into the fruit.  I've already got four little suckers in the trap on my counter and I'm hoping I'll be all set by the end of the day.  If you don't have fruit, vinegar will also work.  (These little suckers are also known as 'vinegar flies'.)


PS - Hi from me & Jack!