You're a Peach!

It's that time!  Peaches are everywhere.  There's nothing that says 'summer' like stone fruit.  But if you want that chin-dripping, lean-over-the-sink peach, there are some things you want to think about before you head to the grocery checkout.

Peaches are tree-ripened.  Commercial farmers that need to ship peaches long distances tend to pick their peaches before they are fully ripe, to prevent bruising.  It's true that peaches will ripen on the countertop, but a peach stops producing sugar after it has been picked.  So counter-top ripened peaches will never be as sweet as peaches that hang onto the branch until they're really ready to be picked.  Your best bet is to head to the farmer's market (or directly to the farm!) for local stone fruit that will be sold when it's ready: soft and sweet.

When selecting peaches at the farm stand or grocery store, pick fruit that has a slight give in the flesh.  And smell it!  If it smells like a sweet peach, it is.  Store ripe peaches in a plastic bag in the fridge and unripe peaches in a brown paper bag on the counter.  They are best served at room temperature.