A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Billy Reid is a brand that prides itself on being neighborly. And I promise it isn't an act because we're their neighbors.

Beach Babies

A quick trip out of the city for a breath of fresh air. x.

Mad About Makie

Less a Francophile and more just plain in love with Japan.

Confessions of a City Mouse

If you are a city mouse, you might find yourself in a sweet little display on a handmade lace doily. Or you might find yourself in the mouth of a little monster.

Manners at Restaurants

How to behave in a restaurant (and some amazing French street photography).

You Can Do It!

You can do it! (And other thoughts on natural childbirth.)

Homemade at Haven's Kitchen

Last night I celebrated Lilla P's Spring line with an intimate dinner of amazing women at Haven's Kitchen in Chelsea.

Sending It Back

If a restaurant guest orders an Australian Shiraz and then decides, upon his ritualistic tasting, that he hates New World wines altogether, he is quite out of luck. Cold weather winos, take note: when and how to return a bottle of wine at a restaurant.

The Cotton Anniversary

Two years: the cotton anniversary.

For Miles and Miles

There's never been another you.