Autumn on Bond

Each weekend I like to make an arrangement on our dining room table to make our apartment feel more like home.  In late fall it's less about flowers and more about food.  A pumpkin from the pumpkin-patch, apples fresh from the tree and a store-bought butternut squash sit pretty before they become a cozy meal.  The clovers in a crystal pitcher add height and a touch of free spirit.  Careful though when using wildflowers (weeds, really!) in an arrangement.  You'll need to be diligent about changing the water each day.  Later in the week when this photo was taken, the butternut squash was chopped, boiled and mashed and served as an accompaniment to roasted chicken with lemon and thyme.  A perfect celebration of fall. 

Two Ways to Prepare Butternut Squash:

1. Cut one inch from the top and bottom of the squash for stability while you peel (step 2).

2. Peel the outer layer of the butternut squash with a serrated vegetable peeler or paring knife. 

3. Slice the butternut squash down the middle and scoop the seeds and membranes with a spoon or mellon baller.

4. Cut the squash into 1 inch pieces.


5. In a baking dish, toss with olive oil, salt and white pepper.  Add cinnamon or herbs such as sage, thyme or rosemary if desired.  

6. Roast at 400 degrees for 35 minutes until soft and browned.


5. Add squash to boiling water; boil for 10-15 minutes until tender.

6. Drain squash in colander.

7. Return to warm pan on low heat 1-2 minutes to dry excess water.  Squash will be very easy to "mash" - use a fork, potato masher or electric mixer.  Add butter and cinnamon or brown sugar to taste.