To Do: Take-Out


Sometimes a well-intentioned plan to cook at home gets derailed.  If you happen to live around the corner from (one of) New York City's best Italian market/wine bar/restuarant, making a plan B should be easy.  And if you don't, it's absolutely worth the trip.  

It was freezing outside.  Cold enough to warrant two pairs of socks.  And we'd planned to stay in and chit chat over a glass of wine while we made a risotto.  It'd seemed like the perfect winter meal and a warm, happy way to pass a winter's evening.  Maybe we'd even give Rosie a bite!  

"You forgot the shallots?"  
"Well we'll just use an onion."  
"We're out of chicken stock."  
"We'll just use water and wine?"  
"There's only a half cup of arborio rice."  

And then our ill-prepared plans for risotto were officially dashed.

Luckily, we had two boxes of tomato bisque on hand and Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria around the corner.  In the evening they do a limited take-out menu of paninis.  The ingredients are wonderfully simple and delightfully fresh.  We ordered a Salame Rosa and Rupert panini to share, which was more than enough.  It comes on fresh baked bread that smells of olive oil and tastes like italy.  The meat is just a tiny bit spicy and the cheese just a tiny bit sharp.  It is heaped with fresh pepper and Il Buco salt and a drizzle of olive oil.  At $11.75, it was very economical to share.  And although we enjoyed it at home, it would have been wonderful to sit in the market area at Alimentari with a glass of italian red.  

Put Il Buco Alimentari on your to-do list, even if it's just for a sandwich to go!  And if you call a day ahead, Alimentari will roast a farm fresh chicken for you, rotisserie style.  Its a great option for a semi-homemade dinner party!