Eating & Standing

I'm very much a 'come-to-the-table' type gal.  Eating is to be enjoyed.  Cloth napkins are appreciated.  Devices are to be tucked away.  Even take-out is ceremoniously plated and plastic utensils stored for use at picnics or brown bag lunches.  But these days I have the baby in one hand, laundry in the other and I'm playing fetch with Rosie with my feet.  I wake up, feed Jack, bathe Jack, feed Pete, pack lunch for Pete, walk Rosie (so that I can escape for a minute), clean, and if I'm lucky: shower and respond to emails.  Its a very different schedule than the one I led as a corporate attorney.  Every day I feel stronger and more capable and more in love with my family and also suffer the humbling indignities of new motherhood.  For instance:

The other day I ran into my exceptionally chic friend who always does a double, euro-style kiss.  I managed the first kiss on the right cheek.  But I was so confused and brain dead that in his attempt to kiss my left cheek I planted a smooch directly on his lips.  Peter looked on in horror.  (I turned bright red and giggled for the rest of the day.)

Today, while changing Jack's 3,000th dirty diaper of the afternoon, I suddenly felt a few drops of wetness hit my thigh.  Had Jack ninja peed on me while my head was turned grabbing a clean diaper?  Did my left breast leak so quickly that my shirt was sopping in seconds?

Needless to say, days are hectic.  And the concept of a leisurely lunch abandoned.  But meals can be healthy, satisfying and not least of all - pretty - even if you have to scarf it down while you stand.  The trick is high quality, no fuss ingredients.

Lately, I've been making chef's salads with whatever I have on hand.  This version includes Spanish imported tuna packed in olive oil, organic cottage cheese, organic arugula, sliced almonds and a dressing made of aged balsamic dressing, high quality olive oil, salt and pepper.

In a bowl or in the basin of a dinner plate: pour balsamic, olive oil (equal parts), salt and pepper.  Quickly 'whisk' with a fork.  Toss arugula in dressing.  Add 1 scoop organic cottage cheese.  Add 2 filets imported tuna fish directly from jar.  Add sliced hard boiled egg, sliced almonds or other vegetables if you have them on hand.  Drizzle with balsamic.  Enjoy while standing.  Even if it takes you 2 hours to finish it.

Recommended ingredients:

Les Planasses White Tuna in Olive Oil (available at Fairway market; here is a link to anchovies made by the same brand; tuna not available online.)
Nancy's Organic Cultured Lowfat Cottage Cheese (available at Fairway market; family company operated in Eugene, Oregon)
Frantoia Cold-pressed Olive Oil (Available at Citarella, Dean & Deluca, Fairway; Scilian)
Botticella Oro Aceto Balsamico di Modena (available at Fairway market, Dean & Deluca; available in 25 year and 50 year aged versions)