From Good Stock

My dear friend Charles is very fresh.  He proposed to Rachel about a week before Jack's due date.  Because I was one million degrees at all times and somewhat unable to breathe, my party planning passion was at an all time low.  In fact, because I couldnt stay up much past 8pm, I couldn't even manage to get out for a glass of champagne on the Friday evening after they were engaged. (Probably better.  I went into labor the next night.)

Rachie's birthday recently passed and we were finally able to celebrate this week with a mexican fiesta.  I made chicken enchiladas in tomatillo sauce and cooked two whole organic chickens a la my chicken soup recipe.  I could have tossed the stock, but it is so healthy and so delicious that I knew it had to be put to good use.  So I jarred one each for the bride and groom.  I have one left over jar in my fridge that I plan to heat up with orzo for lunch.  To make stock, you essentially make the chicken soup recipe and then remove the chicken and all of the veggies and strain the stock through a fine mesh sieve.  Stock made with the chicken bones contains tons of great nutrients and it can be used in a zillion ways.  And I fed the cooked carrots to Rosie, so she was thrilled.

This week has been outrageously busy!  I didn't even get to my email for two days.  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  We are kicking off the weekend with an evening to celebrate another newly engaged pair (!!) and then heading out to Connecticut for Jack's baptism.  Wish us luck!