The Perfect Parfait

It's hard to opt for a healthy breakfast when there are so many delicious options loaded with carbs and cheese and bacon (my three favorite food groups) to choose from.  But isn't it easier when it's pretty to look at?

Peter and I are both big fans of Bonne Maman fruit preserves and so we have a small collection of old jam jars that are perfect when repurposed for something like a yogurt parfait or a hot fudge sundae.  Try making parfaits in mismatching glass jars the next time you want to get your girlfriends together for brunch.  The entire brunch will set you back only $40 or so (berries are the only expensive element) and you can serve with a pot of hot coffee or fresh brewed tea.  Add a basket of muffins or scones lined with a linen napkin to make things a touch fancier.  The Bonne Maman jars are also perfect for breakfast at work.  Just build your parfait and screw on the Bonne Maman lid.  The glass jar will help the yogurt stay cold until you arrive at the office.

The Perfect Parfait

Add ingredients to a glass jar in the following order:

2-3 scoops vanilla yogurt (I buy the large size Stonybrook yogurt, which will keep for 2 weeks or so)
1/4 banana, sliced
2 strawberries, sliced
2 scoops granola (I buy from the granola bar at the Bowery Whole Foods)
1 scoop vanilla yogurt
1/4 banana, sliced
1 strawberry sliced

Wishing you all a happy Monday! 


This is how good it is: